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    Here are ELEVEN WESIB fantasies that almost every woman wants to try at one time or another and how you can gently lead her into playing along with you in the WESIB fantasies of her dreams!

    1. She Wants To Teach You A Lesson It’s a good bet that your partner wants to teach you a WESIBy lesson. The teacher/student fantasy is one that a lot of women (and men) have and it’s an easy one to do. You
    don’t have to have any special costumes or spend money on anything to get started. Call her Mrs. __
    __and ask her to teach you how to give her oral WESIB or finger her. See if she gives you detention for being a
    bad boy!

    2. She Wants To Do It With Someone She’s Never Met WESIB with a stranger is something every woman fantasizes about at one time or another. While you probably don’t want to see her go out and bang someone she’s never met before, you can play into her fantasy with just a little bit of dirty talk.

    3. When she comes home from work and the two of you sit down for dinner, introduce yourself to her
    and tell her that you have been eyeing her from across the room and would love to meet her. If she plays along, lead her to the bathroom for a quick and dirty romp.

    4. She Wants You To Pull Her Hair In many cultures, women are taught to be submissive to men. In fact, the desire to be submissive to a man stems from generations and generations ago when women had to rely on
    men for many more things than they do now.

    5. Play into your partners desire to be dominated by you and tug her hair a little when she gives you a blowjob. If she likes it, make a point to spank her a little when you start getting busy!

    6. She Wants To Tie You Up A part of her wants to be dominated by you, but the other part of her wants to dominate you. Chances are, she fantasized at one point or another about doing bondage with you and
    tying you up while she has her way with you. Since this is probably something you would love her to do as well, introduce her to it by wearing a blindfold to bed (a silk tie or scarf works well) and handing her a pair of handcuffs or a tie for your hands. This also works well if you do it on her first and then let her do it to you!

    7. She Wants To Have WESIB In Public Most women dream about having WESIB in public, but they never taken
    the chance in real life to actually do it. Satisfy her desire for exhibitionism by taking her somewhere you can have WESIB or surprising her next time she’s in the dressing room at the mall.

    8. She Wants To Play With Your Prostate Sure, she’s given you an amazing SIMET by just giving you a blowjob or a handjob. But she’s probably read about the  male g-spot or a man’s prostate and how much better an SIMET can be for a guy with a little prostate massage thrown in. She s most likely fantasized about being the first one to touch you there, or about being the woman that can give you
    the most amazing SIMETs. Let her insert her finger next time she goes down on you and see what happens!

    9. She Wants You To Rim Her A lot of women fantasize about their partners going down on them, but her
    idea of great oral WESIB and your idea of giving great oral WESIB may be very different. Lots of girls imagine their guys going down on them and putting their tongue everywhere and exploring places that have never
    been licked or sucked before. Satisfy her craving for amazing oral WESIB by spreading her legs and letting your tongue go places it has never gone before instead of just licking her clitoris.

    10. She Wants You To Talk Dirty To Her Almost every woman has fantasized about dirty talk at one time or another. She wants to hear exactly how good it feels when she touches you, licks you or gives you a handjob.

    11. She also wants to hear how much you love doing things to her

    Do you  Agree?


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  • 10 signs a man is actually in love

     Men and women obviously express their feelings differently, so sometimes it's a struggle to know how your man really feels. Every man clearly has his own way of flirting, but these common little signs tend to demonstrate when men are in love:

    1. Shows attention

    A man in love is attentive when you're around. Does he look into your eyes and speak directly to you, even when there a bunch of other people around? No matter the group you're in, he directs his attention to you.

    2. Prioritizes time with you

    Nothing is more important to a man in love than to be with the woman who makes him passionate. Of course he has his own job, friends and hobbies, but he shows how important it is to be with you. When he sees you, it makes him joyful.

    3. Tries to impress

    A man who wants to win over a woman's heart tries to impress her. He wants her to see he is something special.

    4. Wants to make you laugh

    When he's in love with you, he wants your attention. One of the best ways for him to do this is to tease you. Nicknames, jokes ... he tries to do anything to get you to smile. It's his way of feeling like he is charming to you.

    5. Pays compliments

    A man in love can be very observant; this is part of how he wins you over. This can become noticeable in how he compliments you. He notices how you look and appreciates your beauty.

    6. Finds ways to give

    When men are especially earnest in their interest, they look for little things they can give you to show their interest like a small gift or simple flower.

    7. Feels jealous

    Not all men are jealous, and too much jealousy is unhealthy, but your man doesn't want to have to divide your attention with other men. When this consistently happens, he can start to feel uncomfortable and occasionally threatened.

    8. Talks about himself

    Men tend to have a harder time talking about their feelings. If he is opening up and talking to you about himself, it shows he trusts you. This is an indication he is taking your relationship seriously.

    9. Wants his friends to meet you

    He is proud of you and proud to be with you. Because of this, he wants to show you off to the world, including to his friends and family.

    10. Includes you in future plans

    Arguably one of the greatest signs a man is in love is when he makes plans for the future including you. Dinners, trips, parties—if it's in the future and he wants you there, this is a great indication he plans on being with you for a long time.

    Passion plays an important role in a relationship; it is the first step toward a life together. Over time that passion gives way to another feeling more mature and solid, which is love. Learning to balance love and passion is important for a lasting, healthy and happy relationship.

    Source: https://familyshare.com/22919/marriage/10-signs-a-man-is-actually-in-love

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  • If your husband does these 15 things, he’s the BEST husband ever


    Many marriages end because of the ingratitude. As time progresses in the marriage, couples forget to appreciate the little things in life. But being thankful every day helps the happy couples stay together in their marriage.

    Appreciate and realize the things that your husband performs for you will help you to see what really matters in the relationship, rather than focusing solely on his weaknesses (which have all men).

    Your husband turns out to be the most important person in your life, so give you a favor to your marriage and praise him for all the things he do for you:

    1. He believes in you faithfully
    2. No doubt about your actions at any time.
    3. It is loyal to you: has nothing to hide. You possess access to everything in his life and you always know what he does.
    4. He knows about your tastes: know about your favorite chocolate, the kind of movies you like to watch and your hobbies.
    5. He let have your own time: if you want to go out with your friends, make another haircut or watch a movie on your own, he does not mind what you do. He knows that is something you need to do alone with your own time.
    6. He remembers the important holidays: he knows and prepares the special occasions for celebrations that are important to you.
    7. He helps you to become a better person: not accept any negative talk you have against you. Instead, it helps you to gain confidence and encourages you when you find yourself disheartened.
    8. He laughs at your jokes: even when they are not funny.
    9. He believes in you: he knows that you will always be honest with him.
    10. He laughs with you: it makes you laugh and spend good times together.
    11. He gives importance to your feelings: always take into account how you feel about things.
    12. You feel loved by your husband: you just know without doubt that you are the love of his life.
    13. He makes your complicated life much easier: always gives you solutions and seeks to avoid any conflict.
    14. It helps with chores: help you wash the dishes and takes care of children without even asking.
    15. He comfort you when you are sad: he do not like to see you angry and always tries to do what he can to make you feel happy.
    16. He loves your smile: will always try to make you smile every day.

    Yes, your husband sometimes will crush your feelings a little. Usually people who are closest to us are those that tend to hurt us more. The important thing of all is to remember that he tries to do the best he can every day. And if even he try to do some of the things listed above, you can be absolutely sure that this man loves you.

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    Every human being has experienced the strong desire to cuddle with someone at least once in their life. That need can be caused either by affection, feeling comfortable with somebody or by loneliness. It’s a fact that cuddling strengthens our relationships and it is something we can strongly miss when we are single. Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe there is a scientific explanation for that? Well, there sure is.

    The hormones in our bodies know what they are doing.

    Cuddling stimulates the production of oxytocin. This hormone plays an important role in the neuroanatomy of intimacy. For this reason, it is sometimes referred to as the “bonding hormone”.  It gives us the feeling of empathy, trust, sexual desire and a whole bunch of other emotions that a healthy relationship triggers.

    Read on to find out more on why cuddling is simply amazing for your well-being:


    Cuddling creates a comfortable environment for communication – something important that we tend to neglect. Communication is the foundation for building trust and trust is the key to a healthy relationship. Cuddling is simply a way to escape from the daily hustle and bustle, while hiding in the arms of our beloved one. It gives us the chance to focus on all of the positive sensations we can experience together. Even 15 minutes of cuddling a day can be beneficial for the strength of a flourishing relationship.


    Researchers claim that kissing and cuddling after sex is essential for partners to feel happier and more satisfied. This is of great importance for couples with children for whom romance may no longer be a top priority. Making time for shared intimacy such as cuddling, kissing and love talk after sex is proved to increase the satisfaction of the sexual experience. And don’t forget – cuddling very often leads to round two!


    According to an experiment, conducted by couple therapist and researcher Beate Ditzen, oxytocin beats over cortisol, the stress hormone. Nowadays stress is the most common “disease” among modern people. By getting rid of the harmful emotions, we can reduce the risk of a heart attack. So instead of taking a cocktail of pills to feel better, simply take the time to cuddle with someone close to your heart.


    Let’s go back to when we were little kids. Remember when you needed someone to kiss and hug you when you’d got hurt?  Back then we believed in the magical power of moms and dads that could take away the pain. Now we believe in the magical power of oxytocin. The “feel-good” hormone is proven to ease pain, so a good dose of cuddling can actually make physical pain disappear or at least make it a lot more bearable.


    There is a strong bond between the brain and the immune system, therefore what is in our head affects our health positively or negatively. According to Dr Shara BA Cohen staying calm, being optimistic, expressing our feelings and having close personal relationships are all good ways to boost our immune systems and to maintain good health. The good news is that cuddling can make all this happen. We just need to make cuddling happen!
    Read: How Long To Nap For The Biggest Brain Benefits


    As we already said, oxytocin counters the effects of cortisol (the stress hormone). As it is released in the brain when we are stress-free, “the love hormone” promotes quality sleep. The release of oxytocin in our bodies results in us feeling calmer, tranquil and loving, which induces sleepiness.


    According to a stream of studies, another interesting effect of oxytocin is its ability to ease the cravings for food, drugs, alcohol and other opiates. This is how cuddling can prevent you from ravening the fridge late at night. So choose spooning in bed with your beloved one instead of spooning out of the jar of chocolate!

    From the day we were born, we are placed in our mother’s loving arms. As we grow up we learn to show our tenderness by hugging and caressing the object of our affection. Remember how you couldn’t fall asleep without your teddy bear snuggled next to your chest? Cuddling is one of the pretty amazing things that nature designed us for. And as this article is about to end here, it’s high time we grabbed someone precious and produced some oxytocin, don’t you think?

    Do you know of any other benefits of cuddling?

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  • Can unhappy marriages become happy again? How?

    Can unhappy marriages become
    happy again? How?
    One advantage of marriage, it seems to me, is that when you fall out
    of love with each other, it keeps you together until maybe you fall in
    —Judith Viorst, American author and journalist10
    I think a man and a woman should choose each other for life, for the
    simple reason that a long life with all its accidents is barely enough
    for a man and a woman to understand each other; and in this case to
    understand is to love.
    —William Butler Yeats11
    Overview: Most unhappy marriages become happy again, if couples can stick
    it out. While some divorces are necessary, some marriages can be repaired. Some
    individuals and couples read books or use other resources on their own to help
    improve their marriages. Others participate in marriage education classes to improve
    their relationship skills; some resources for finding good marriage education classes
    are reviewed here. Still others seek counseling from professional counselors or
    therapists, or seek help from a trusted religious guide. This chapter contains some
    useful guidelines for choosing a good counselor or therapist to help you repair your
    marriage. Through dedicated efforts, some couples are able to reconcile and rebuild
    a happy marriage. Even if your spouse doesn’t seem to be interested in working out
    problems in the marriage, there are things you can do individually that may repair your
    relationship. Ten characteristics of a healthy marriage are discussed.
    Some may be surprised to learn that many unhappy marriages recover. As one
    respected marriage therapist and researcher, Dr. William J. Doherty at the University


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