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  • Things that Your v@g!n@ Doesn’t need But You Do Almost Every Day

    The v@g!na is every girl’s best friend and it needs extra attention and care. There are some everyday things and habits that you do, that can influence your v@g!na’s health. Being too hygienic can damage your v@g!na’s health too. To be real, your v@g!na isn’t meant to smell like roses 24/7.

    The biggest myth when it comes to your v@g!na is washing it with all sorts of shampoos. You need to stop doing that right this moment! Experts claim that washing your v@g!na with shampoo will disrupt its natural flora and cause inflammation, fungus, etc. To wash your v@g!na, use ONLY WATER.

    The reality is that you really don’t need to wear pads and tampons every day. All gynecologists agree that constantly wearing thin, everyday pads and tampons isn’t good for your v@g!na and causes infections.

    Tight, stretch jeans don’t allow for your v@g!na to breath. Choose wider pants instead of extra tight. Another thing which is not good for your v@g!na’s health is wearing underwear made from unnatural materials. Always choose cotton!

    Your v@g!nal health is especially endangered during summer. Don’t leave your wet swimsuit on because it may cause fungus, itching and infection.

    Avoiding dairy products such as yogurt is wrong, especially if you’re a woman. Good bacteria found in yogurt and kefir are great for maintaining a healthy v@g!na. Consume even more dairy products if you’re drinking antibiotics.

    Although detergent and softener make your clothes smell nice, they’re not that good for your v@g!na. They can irritate your v@g!nal area and that’s why it’s important to choose hypoallergenic detergents that are great for sensitive skin.

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  • China denies shipping marinated human flesh in cans to be sold as FOOD in Africa

    China has strenuously denied reports that it's routinely canning human flesh and selling it as food to African nations.

    A top official has dismissed reports in Zambia which queried the provenance of some 'meat products' being shipped from China to the African continent.

    In the media reports, an unnamed Zambian woman living in China reportedly issued warnings to Africans not to eat corned beef.

    She claimed that dead human bodies were being collected and marinated before being canned and labelled as corned beef for human consumption .

     GettyA meat stall at a market in Beijing

    Chinese officials have demanded an investigation into the reports it claims are baseless


    But the statement, issued by the Chinese Ambassador to Zambia, Yang Youming, blames people spreading "malicious" rumours.


    GettyA meat stall at a market in Beijing

    China has robustly denied the accusations levelled online and in Zambian media

     He told Chinese news agency Xinhua : "Today a local tabloid newspaper is openly spreading a rumour, claiming that the Chinese use human meat to make corned beef and sell it to Africa.

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    "This is completely a malicious slandering and vilification which is absolutely unacceptable to us."

    "We hereby express our utmost anger and the strongest condemnation over such an act."


    GettyA meat stall at a market in Beijing

    The Facebook sharing of images of supposed human meat has been exposed as fake


    A comprehensive investigation has been promised by the Zambian Deputy Defense Minister Christopher Mulenga.

    He said: "The government of Zambia regrets the incident in view of the warm relations that exist between Zambia and China."

    Some reports have been quoting workers in Chinese meat factories, who claim the measures began because there is limited burial space.

    They said non-human meat was being sent to more powerful trade partners.

    Shocking images, said to show human bodies being prepared for the process, have been exposed as fakes from a 2012 marketing stunt for the video game Resident Evil 6.

    Mythbusting site Snopes reported that they were taken as a 'butcher shop' selling fake "human meat" which was set up at London's Smithfield Market.

    The reports come just two months after China and Zambia signed a treaty cementing close ties between the countries.

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